Friday, April 5, 2013


Hélio Leites from Cesar Nery on Vimeo.

Just a beautiful message while I heal from this silly flu that got me.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Just a peak on what I'm working on :)
I had this idea that I really love and I'm going to pursue. 

I want to make a custom doll each month (not just Blythe, the doll can be any...). Each doll is supposed to have a theme and I will explore that theme on drawing pieces as well!
I'm working on Antique right now (the custom Blythe), and her theme has to do with old and lovely things, filled with good memories.
She's dressed as a lolita girl, she loves tea and cupcakes, bows and roses. I'm creating a paper doll of her, some stickers, iron-ons for doll clothes, printable stationery, bookmarks, patterned fabric...
These pieces will be sold both in my Etsy shop and my other shop.

Hope you like the idea! I'm loving it :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

WIP Blythe custom - Antique

Some more details on the Blythe doll I'm working on :)
A rose tattoo, her pull charms and her name tag. 
I want to finish her face-up, but the weather has been so rainy lately (not good for drying the sealant)... hopefully this week things change a bit.
Have a lovely week!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Custom blythe Antique - WIP

More news on the custom Blythe I'm working on :) I've just finished her little bear pet.
I gave her this distressed looks to go with the romantic theme. 
Hope you like the little one!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lovely profile

Just a photo of a beautiful doll :) <3

She is a Bambicrony Bellezza Carla.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Custom blythe Antique - WIP

Let me introduce you to my first custom Blythe doll (the first I plan to sell that is).
She´s still a work in progress. Her name will be Antique. A sweet girl full of good memories from the past <3
I'll tell more about her story when I properly introduce her.
For now, I've just finished customizing her clothes. Her face is ready for the make-up, and I'm already doing her hair. Still a lot to go, but I'm so excited about her :D! Can't wait to show you more!

Dolls are an important part of my life. I've always loved them, and always created dolls for myself (didn't had many factory dolls while growing up).
In 2007 I've started collecting Blythes, Pullips, BJDs, it was a whole new magic world for me. After some time I realized something was wrong with me collecting dolls. I've started selling the ones I had and begun being obsessed by getting new ones. I entered a buy/sell crazy phase until I finally discovered why I couldn't collect dolls (or any other thing for that matter).
I can't stand having an object on a shelf for long, just there for me to look at it. Of course I love to take photos of my dolls, but I like to take photos of many things...
So, during these last weeks when I felt ill, I could stop and think about this. My conclusion is that what I love about dolls, toys, paper... is that they are amazing creative ways for me to express myself :) I should have paid attention to Keri Smith's words when she says to look at what we love the most when we were little children. For me was making dolls and toys, either paper, fabric or whatever I found. Hehe, I have this silly memory of being a little girl playing while my mom was cooking lunch. I was playing with an onion. Yes, that onion was a character of a well thought story and I felt devastated when my mom picked the onion to cut it and put in the pan :P oh well... a doll is a doll!

All this to say that I had to start customizing dolls (any type) anytime :)

YAY for a new adventure!!!

And please excuse my English.
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